1.4 Our Mission

For New Starters, They Need an Easy Tool

Our mission is to bring new starters a purely mobile-based User Interface to DeFi, which is more user-friendly and effective than current web-based products.

DeFi is a relatively new area of blockchain technology, honestly current product is complicated, current users are so smart, but don't forget that how many people don't have a chance to experience DeFi.

And our aim is to build a bridge between this amazing Defi and real world, through which marjority of population of real world can learn and interact with DeFi via their mobile devices easily.

Building the Bridge Between Users and DeFi World

With DeFi gaining popularity and becoming mainstream, more users have begun to invest in DeFi Projects. Mining on DeFi projects has become a particularly solid source of income for users with a good rate of return, though most of these users are still not familiar with the underlying logic of DeFi at all. So far, there are several types of DeFi projects off which people can profit; DEXs, Vaults, Mining Pools and Lendings to name a few.

The participation process is relatively complicated and requires users to have comprehensive knowledge and critical judgment. For starters, you are required to have an online wallet with on-chain assets, after which you need to research the projects you can invest in, find those with a good rate of return and that is safe to invest. After the tiresome and cumbering investigation and evaluation process, if you finally find a project suitable for you (that is a big if, considering the number of projects out there), you will then need to authorize and connect to its third-party Dapp. This process may not be that long, but there are hidden risks in every step. That is why lots of people are hesitant to participate in DeFi, and instead, they prefer to trade on CEX with a much lower rate of return. In the future more players are expected to join the DeFi market, think about the majority of population, they need a easy tool to understand Defi and Blockchain, and MsgSender is expected to be that tool, A mobile DeFi product that is easy to download and use, which is considered as a bridge, connecting more potential players to the DeFi and Blockchain world.

This is why we created MsgSender, to build the bridge users require to enter the world of DeFi. The name “MsgSender” is derived from the system keywords of the Ethereum smart contract. When we send a signed transaction to a smart contract, msg.sender represents your wallet address, which is a normal system keyword, it appears everywhere within the contract (see below image).We want to build a product that helps users to easily interact with contracts, just like the name ‘msg.sender’ suggests, send them to every destination possible in the world of DeFi.

The road to the DeFi world is not an easy one. MsgSender is created with technical thinking with users’ perspectives kept in mind. From a technical point of view, the process of ‘a user using a wallet to connect to the DAPP website and then sending it to a smart contract’ can be greatly simplified. Putting the smart contract method of the targeted DAPP on a mobile wallet, and sending the signed transaction to the smart contract, cuts out the intermediate process, which improves both speed and more importantly the user experience.

Moreover, our mobile wallet can be integrated with other high-quality DeFi projects. New users no longer have to waste hours looking for good projects to invest in and profit from. Those high-APY pools will be displayed right on the wallet page. This is the platform that will be the go-to for solutions. It saves users time effortlessly, and it will without a doubt improve the TVL of the whole DeFi industry by making it possible for more players to join the DeFi world.

We Believe MsgSender is That Tool

We strongly believe MsgSender is the product that provides users with the convenience they are longing for, and it is THE product of the future.

We are striving to make MsgSender top level product for people to start, learn and participate in Decentralized Finance.

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