3.1 Road Map

Q2, 2021, MsgSender Beta Launched, providing charts and pairs for BSC.

Q4, 2021, MsgSender Lite Launched, a simplified version which supports multi-chain Dex.

Q1, 2022, MsgSender Lite upgraded with BSC wallet activated.

Q1, 2022, Pre-listing Zone Launched, ongoing IDOs are displayed, projects verified mannually.

Q1, 2022, APP Daily Opens reach 400,000 per day.

Q2, 2022, MSG Alpha, a decentralized local planned order book for PancakeSwap.

Q2, 2022, Fantasyland Initiative kick off, to systematically reward users and referers, a plan that will lead MSG to achieve 1 million users.

Q2, 2024, Cover South-East Asia, Korea, and Japan.

Q4, 2024, APP Daily Opens reach 2,000,000 per day.

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