3.1 Road Map

Q2, 2021, MsgSender Beta Launched, providing charts and pairs for BSC.
Q4, 2021, MsgSender Lite Launched, a simplified version which supports multi-chain Dex.
Q1, 2022, MsgSender Lite upgraded with BSC wallet activated.
Q1, 2022, Pre-listing Zone Launched, ongoing IDOs are displayed, projects verified mannually.
Q1, 2022, APP Daily Opens reach 400,000 per day.
Q2, 2022, MSG Alpha, a decentralized local planned order function for PancakeSwap.
Q2, 2022, MTree Plan kick off, to systematically reward users and referers, a plan that will lead MSG to achieve 1 million users.
Q2, 2022, Cover South-East Asia, Korea, and Japan.
Q2, 2022, Multi-Chain Bridge integarted, enable users to exchange USDT across OEC, BSC, ETH.
Q3, 2022, NFT wallet and markets integration.
Q4, 2022, APP Daily Opens reach 2,000,000 per day.
Q4, 2022, MSG GameFi product Plan Unveil.
Q1, 2023, Cover EU, NA, EMEA regions.