1.3 What Solutions We Offer

Integrated DEX & wallet function

It is the first time that a decentralized wallet and DEX are integrated one single mobile app, we created history.

Like any other crypto wallet, users can add their favorite tokens to their wallet. It supports all tokens on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon and OEC, and other chains will be integrated soon.

MsgSender Wallet is forked from TrustWallet SDK, which is definitely safe and efficient, thank you TrustWallet team https://trustwallet.com/ , you can find source code in our Github.

A CEX-like User-Friendly Interface

Traders are already familiar with user interface of top-tier centralized exchanges, like Binance, OKX and Coinbase, which are efficiency-oriented and user-friendly.

Learning from their better qualities, the MsgSender team designed the UI to be similar to CEX, giving you a familiar and user-friendly interface.

Information Display

There are more than 500,000 trading pairs listed on Pancake. MsgSender can provide users detailed charts for all existing trading pairs with peroids from 1 minutes to 1 week; every new trading pair will have its own chart automatically added after the first liquidity is provided.

After trading or providing liquidity, users can find their positions and order history on the same page, all data are gathered from full nodes of BSC.

Trading Pair Decision-making Support

Trading Pairs are categorized by volume, by total transaction count in 24 hour, by totoal liquidity, and by listing time, etc.

Users can discover hot pairs through the 24-hour ranking, which is calculated and ranked using SWAP transactions of a pair completed in the last 24 hours. we will continously add more pairs rank to make you a bigger chance.

Complete Trades in 2 seconds

This is our key feature, via website of PancakeSwap.finance, to complete a trade normally will take you 10 seconds if network is not busy, the reason is that we visited PancakeSwap.finance website first, and the webpage redirected us to pancake protocal, which is a smart contract on BSC blockchain.

Our solution is transaction contents generated in your MSG mobile phone will be sent to pancake protocal on BSC blockchain directly, 3 steps are reduced to 2, no need to visit website anymore, which makes it possible to compete your trades in 2 seconds, you can definitely try it.

Add Liquidity in 2 seconds

Users can add liquidity for the trading pairs on the same swap page, without the additional hassle of searching pairs all over again. The displayed LP position lets users know how many pair tokens they can redeem in real-time. Liquidity rank will also be provided to users, along with the commission APY of Swap transaction fee for any given pair.

Cross-Chain Bridge Integrated

We will integrate a 3rd party cross-chain brige to enable users exchange USDT between different chains, it will probabbly launch by end of Q2.

Decentralized Planned Order

This is a local machine, which enables VIP users to trigger their trades at certain price they wish, even if they are sleeping. It can run without any support from centralized database, meaning even nobody is maintaining MsgSender APP, it will also work normally, even charts disappreared, it will work normally. We are going to launch it by May, 2022.

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