1.2 Problems of DEX

Why do we need a solution for current DEXs?

1. There are too many DEXs operating in the market, with different chains and wallets, but new users don’t have a one-stop platform.

2. User interfaces of web-based DEXs are usually complex and not user-friendly.

3. Tokens & Pairs selection process on web-based DEX is too complicated.

4. Not enough data for trading or decision making; traders require more information such as charts, liquidity data, order history, real time filled orders, user positions, APY, etc.

5. Lack of deep and valuable data like hot trading pairs, newly listed pairs, liquidity rank, etc. where traders can find the invaluable opportunities they are looking for to make them rich.

6. Trading procedure like pancakeswap cost too much time, usually 10 seconds.

7. To exchange USDT between diffenert chains, you need to find other Apps.

8. We can't do planned order on DEX.

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