MSG History

Below MSG Smart Contract was created on May. 1st, 2021, which was dead already, holders will receive new MSG token on March 7, 2022.

Old MSG token Allocation:

Maximam Supply: 100 Million MSG

100 million MSG tokens will be minted and will become accessible over the course of 2 years.

There is a hard cap of 100 million set in our token contract to ensure that no more than 100 million MSG can be minted, source code are as follows:

60% for community

60% of the total amount, which is 60 million MSG, will be used for liquidity mining, Liquidity Farming will start in September, 2021, date to be determined.

Including 10 million MSG used as an incentive in the beginning with MsgSender Mobile APP’s DEX TOOL function; 50 million will be used to as incentive for MSG DeFi business in the future.

8% is for early stage fundraising

20% will be released when MSG is first listed on a centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which is Aug. 27, 2021. either actively or passively;

Remaining 80% of the pre-sold tokens will be unlocked on a monthly basis over a period of 8 months, 10% at a time.

1.5% which is 1.5 million MSG Tokens are not sold, it will be unlocked with investors schedule, therefore 0.3 million MSG will be unlocked when listing, and the 0.3 million MSG will be used to add liquidity on Pancake.

15% allocated to team members

with 2-year vesting, starting from Jan.1st 2022 to Dec. 30th 2023.

17% for continuous product development, operation and marketing

with 2-year vesting, starting from Jan.1st 2022 to Dec. 30th 2023.

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