1.1 What is MsgSender

A Mobile Access to DEX

MsgSender is a decentralized wallet (for Android and iOS) with a mobile-friendly DEX front end, We connect MsgSender wallet with PancakeSwap Router smart contract directly, therefore you can complete a DEX transaction in 2 seconds, compared with 10 seconds+ on pancakeSwap official website. People who have experienced MsgSender describe it as: "It's a DEX just like CEX". https://msgsender.io/

MsgSender is a mobile product that gives users a new way to interact with existed decentralized exchanges (DEXs), we don't create DEX, we only build bridge to DEX. MSG is a native token in MsgSender ecosystem, which has been listed on Pancake, Binance Smart Chain.

The traditional way to trade on DEXs is through their websites and 3rd party wallets, just like TP + Pancake Website, which is definitely not user-friendly, and it costs too much time, transaction failed frequently in rush hour.

MsgSender integrates Multi-Chain wallets with an improved user interface for trading and liquidity providing, which helps create a user experience that is similar to CEX products.

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