Get rebased reward by staking Lp,APY 47000%
NB (Ninja Bunny), a Rebase Protocol, stake LP and get rebased reward.
a. Stake LP and get rebased reward every day.
b. Daily rebase rate: 0.5%/day for the first month, 0.9% for the second month, 1.3% for the third month, 1.7% after the 3rd month.
c. Stake lp for a year, you will get 21280% NB reward.
d. NB protocol will auto rebase every 1 hour, only LP can get rebased reward, token holders can’t get rebased reward.
e. When you withdraw lp, the contract will transfer your reward to your address, but if you want to stake again, you need to start from the beginning of daily rebase rate.
Initial Supply; 17,430,352 NB
Initial Price: 10.0012 USDT
Luanch Date:2023-3-10,17:00 PM
Initial Offering: Fair Launch
Tax: 0
Token contract: 0x2bf5E251De91a3dE6982626B87029E4b2deDF9eE
Rebase Pool contract: 0x9AAd8F3712C162a8B978f081B1e2720bf9714e86
Rebase Pool DAPP:
How to calculate my reward, for example:
1. Add liquidity 100USDT+100NB, then you get 100 LP token
2. stake 100LP into the rebase pool and the contract will auto rebase your reward every 1 hour. The base will be 100NB
3. After 1 day, you will get 0.5 NB as reward and the new base will be 100.5NB.
4. Assume that you deposited 100 LP for 1 year and you can get 21280NB as reward.